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Why History Matters

Why History Matters

Jim Haley and I have been friends for years. I was watching one of his interviews and he said something that struck me with the force of a cannon ball. I have never heard a better argument for the value of history. I passionately agree with Jim’s quotation below but I could have never expressed it so gracefully.

Not in a hundred years …

“Everything that you believe in this world that’s important—what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s moral, what’s immoral, how should you live, vote, worship, raise your children—everything you believe, filters like coffee through what you ever understood about history, or not. It’s not something you walk out and make a living with, but it informs everything about what kind of human being you are.”

—James L. Haley

You may view the entire interview here. Learn more about Jim Haley and his books.

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