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The Texas Revolution

A Reading List of Essential Primary Accounts (Part One)

Over the years, a number of people have asked for a list of fundamental Texas Revolution sources. After considerable reflection, I narrowed it down to the top ten primary accounts. I stress that these are my choices and they are highly subjective. For that reason, I have included brief annotations in order to explain my picks. No doubt, other Texas Revolution scholars would disagree with my selections. Nevertheless, that said, any person who has read all ten of these timeless works will have a solid informational foundation upon which to build.

I post this list on my website for the easy access of Texas History teachers, their students, and other interested parties. I hope that they all find it useful.

Now, get to readin’ …

— Addendum —

Above I lamented that no one had digitized The Papers of the Texas Revolution and placed the set online in a word-searchable format.

Saints be praised! The day we have long awaited has, at last, arrived. Through their “Taproot Project,” Michelle Haas and the good people at the Texas History Trust have made, not only the PTR, but a vast array of essential, but hard to find, materials available to all Texans on an easily accessible online platform—and free of charge.

Hallelujah. Happy day!