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A Night of Texas History

A Night of Texas History

On April 17, 2021, I had the pleasure of speaking at the main branch of the Spirit of Texas Bank in Conroe, Texas. It was, far and away, the most opulent and history-rich venue in which I have ever appeared. My hosts were The Sons of History ( on occasion known as  Alan Wakim and Dustin Bass) and the Spirit of Texas Bank. My fellow speaker was Denton Florian, a distinguished public speaker and the foremost authority on San Houston. So not only did I find myself in lavish surroundings but also in wonderful company.

I discussed the 1836 Runaway Scrape, the mass exodus of Texian civilians who took to the roads in dreadful weather to evade the advancing armies of Mexican dictator, Antonio López de Santa Anna. I extend heartfelt thanks to the organizer of this event and all the good folks who came out on a rainy Saturday evening,

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